Goals are dreams with deadlines!

The title of the post is a quote from Diana Scharf and I just love it.

The first weeks of 2018 flew by, my epic 5 month trip to South Africa is over; life is calling I need to get back in shape :)

For me getting in shape means I need goals - having goals works the best for me to achieve what I want. Not a simple todo-list but markers which I can celebrate when I reach them. It keeps me motivated and going, even if there are plenty of reasons not to push forward.

Sevilliersdam - Cape Town 2017

Spartan Trifecta

The ultimate goal (December 31st 23:59:59) for this year is to earn 2 Spartan Trifecta’s.

What is the Spartan Trifecta? How do I earn it?

A member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe finishes one of each Spartan distance - Sprint, Super and Beast (or Ultra) - in a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st), anywhere in the world. You can earn multiple Trifectas in a single year. Spartan.com

To achieve this I have to skip some of my favorite Dutch obstacle runs and will properly run most of the races alone. Running a race alone can be challenge; there is nobody who can cheer you up when you are having a hard time, or just have a chat during a 4 kilometer walk/climb up and down the mountain with two 25 liter jerrycans.

Besides the mental part of running a race on your own, your need to be able to motivate yourself to be in the best shape possible for every single race. Lucky for me I found ‘my tribe’ in my home city where my buddies are calling me out if I am skipping a bootcamp, boxing, power-pump or an off track running session.

The masterplan

So what about your schedule? Good question! I am not sure yet. The dates below are sort of confirmed but I am still looking for an Spartan Super and Ultra in the 4th quator of the year.

Date Run Location Distance Confirmed
3 March Spartan - Sprint Mallorca (ES) +6 km Y
7 April Spartan - Sprint Kent (UK) +6 km N
5 May Toughest Malmo Malmo (SE) +/-8 km N
2 June Breakout Run Schaijk (NL) 14 km Y
23 June String Viking - Water Nijmegen (NL) 19 km Y
30 June Spartan - Super Maastricht (NL) +13 km Y
1 Sept Spartan - Beast IJmuiden (NL) +20 km Y

Completing the first Trifecta shouldn’t be a problem, getting the 2nd will take a more planning. I am thinking of attending 2 of the following races.

  • 2nd June Campi Bisenzio Florence (Beast)
  • 16th June - Andorra Trifecta Weekend (Beast)
  • 29 Sept - Berlin - (Super / Beast)
  • 6 Okt - Circuit Paul Ricard Le Castellet (Super / Beast)
  • 13 Okt - Barcelona (Super / Beast)

Going to Florence to race the +20km in June would be an amazing challenge physically and mentally. That would mean I will miss the Breakout Run which is always a lot of fun. Or what do you think of the Trifecta BEAST in Andorra? Running up and down the mountains will properly kill me. But when it is tough, you dig deeper (Shaun T).

to be continued! :)