Docker for Windows - unauthorized: incorrect username or password

On my development machine I am using Docker For Windows to speed up development, keep my dev machine as clean as possible and to avoid the ‘it works on my machine’ problem.

What is Docker For Windows?

Docker For Windows is an integrated, easy-to-deploy development environment for building, debugging and testing Docker apps on a Windows PC. Docker for Windows is a native Windows app deeply integrated with Hyper-V virtualization, networking and file system, making it the fastest and most reliable Docker environment for Windows.

Side note: Docker for windows is a client tool and is utilizing Hyper-V, as far as I know Hyper-V is only supported on Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise 64-bit clients.

I had to reset Docker on my machine because of some weird timeout error - after resetting I tried the pull an image from the Docker registry when the following error occured.

Error response from daemon: Get unauthorized: incorrect username or password.

I was surprised about this error; according to the Docker for Windows client I was logged in. I also tried to re-authenticate via the commandline (docker login). This resulted in the same error.

Docker login via commandline

The Solution

When searching for a solution I came across this post. The docker commandline is expecting your Docker id and your Docker id is not your email address. The Docker for Windows client does accept your email address, the underlying docker commandline doesn’t.

To find your docker id go to and sign in. When signed in your docker id will be shown in the right-top-corner. My docker id is ‘micheltol’.

Signed in on

Go back to the commandline, sign in with your docker id & password with the command docker login and start pulling those images! Pulling the docker image