Best DJI Mavic settings

I love my drone, I really love it. Unfortunately I crashed it twice now. The first time I was flying in Hogsback - Eastern Cape - SA, filming some waterfalls,hit a tree and flew directly into the falls. The drone couldn’t handle it.

The 2nd time crashed it into a 40 meter high tree in Hout Bay - Western Cape. The drone survived the impact but not the fall 40 meters down. Props broken, gimbal ripped apart. Luckily I had a DJI Care Refresh package bought, which will replace your drone twice when you crash your drone!

When you get your replacement by post, the first thing you have to do is binding the drone with the remote control, update to the latest firmware and update the gimbal & control settings.

The 2 youtube videos below are the settings I am using - with these settings I got some really nice cinematic shots!

Which settings do you use? Any other suggestions? Please drop a line in the comments!

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